Wednesday, August 30, 2006

man down....

poor guy. we were in wrestling practise, and he was wrestling. but i guess someone did a throw or something and he somehow dislocated his elbow. for the 3rd time. so now he has to leave and go get orthopedic surgery. and he was actually one of the kewl guys. he was my battle buddy. but he might come back second semester.

if you couldn't guess, i can't think of anything to write about. maybe my creative spark got damaged in practise. i'll try to think up something more interesting to write about.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

the first week or so...

well its going ok so far. i got my clss schedule. its not bad. i mostly have afternoons off. so i work out and go to wrestling practise. last we i ended up running over 5 miles. needless to say, my legs really hurt. bad. i walked like a cowboy. but now i don't hurt so bad. i probly wiil in anohter couple of days. i've been coughing a lot and have had a stuffed nose for the last week. but i think its getting better. i hope so. there is a all female college like 2 blocks away. its called judson. somehow, marion and them worked something out. only problem is, this place is known for having fat girls. yeah. and last night we had a big dinner thing with them. but fortunately, there are way more guys than girls. so i got lucky. but i guess we have to go do something with them agian today. but i'm gonna have some fun first. me and a couple guys are gonna go work out and swim. a couple of nights ago, we went and litterd anothyer barracks with rottne pickles and tomatoes. it was fun. and we have more planned. so i'll let ya'll know an stuff. catch ya later.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

a new beginning

well it wasn't what i expected. when i got down here, i found out that new cadets have to go through a 4 week initiation phase. oh boy. we get yelled at, smoked (they make us do pt and crap like that) and other crazy stuff. they get all mad about stuff and get in our faces and yell. its kinda hard not to laugh at them. they're not allowed to touch us or anything so they can't really do anything. just yell. and sometimes they get so mad they can't even talk right. then you just wanna laugh in their face. we have to learn a bunch of stuff from our manual. last night was fun. we had wrestling practise. just from that first time i can tell that this year i'm gonna be a totally diff wrestler when these coaches get down with me. they're really cool. my room mate isn't too big on em, but that's ok. hes a big guy, 6'5" 300lb black guy. he's fun. after practise, we went back to barracks and had a platoon war. 1stpltn (they're on the first floor) had to make a wall with their matresses. we (2nd pltn - second floor) had to break it down and get over it. we won 2 of the 3 rounds. it was awesome. sorta like a prison right. we were all chanting and yelling and stuff. we couldn't talk after it. it was fun. well i need to get going. hope you all are enjoying getting fat and being lazy. none of that for me. enjoy it for me. catch y'all later.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i must say, i was quite disappointed......

recently there has been a small hubub about my good friend andy having a girlfriend. which i must say i am excedingly pleased for him, and i think she is probly one of the nicest girls around if she has caught andy' eye.
however, some things have been said that need not be said. and as i think about it, other things have been said about other guys. and so i am going to use the power of the pen (via internet pen, of course) to confront this issu. because frankly, i has made me quite upset. and not only me, but other guys as well.
for starters, i would like to wonder out loud just what is with some of the girls i know, mainly regarding their sheer hypocrasy. when they see a guy being nice to a pretty girl, many times they say "well its just cause she's pretty". in some cases that might be. but they autoatically assume this. however, when a guy is a jerk to a girl who is not pretty, they attribute it to how she looks, not what kind of a guy he is. this also is wrong.
yet so many times we see the girls do the exact same thing. if a new guy is at school, he is swarmed becuase the girls want the attention. but if a guy tries to reach out to a new girl, hes just trying to be cool and show off.
you girls don't make any sense.
for the sake of illustration, i am going to use andy as an example since he has already been publicly mocked and the like by certain girls.
andy (for those of your who were too bigoted and two-faced to actually get to know him) is a great guy. he is one of few guys who will treat a lady like a lady, not matter how pretty she is or how ugly she is. (i won't go into the specifactions of the diff between a lady and a girl, cause some of you be too discouraged). he is not proud. he is funny and goofy when the occasion calls for it. and he can be quite serious and down-to-earth when needed. he is very inteligent. he is athletic. he can be a very strong spiritual leader. he knows when to say something and when to be quiet (something a few people who commented about him could learn a bit about) and he's a great guy to room with when you're in d.c. he knows when a joke is funny and when its not. he knows when something is going too far. and he knows his own limitations.
so what i wanna know is why are you girls so hard on him? what is the real reason you treat him like crap? would any one care to tell me? because frankly i am very upset about the way you have slighted him and how you ignored him the whole time he was at faith. and some of you have some appologizing to do the next time you see him. there are a few girls who actually befriended him, and i'd like to thank meg and adrienne for that. you 2 were very nice to him. as for others of you...i won't put your names on here but you know who you are. and if i made you mad by this, i don't really care. you need to hear this:

stop being 2-faced back-stabbing girls and start treating people with some respect. maybe if you reserve some judgement on these guys, you might actually find a friend here or there.

and one more thing....

about there really being a god because andy found a girlfriend, the same thing could be very well said of you...but wait, you don't have a boyfriend, do you? so instead of bashing him, why not hold your tongue and work on improving yourself? if would help your chances out a lot more than just making fun of a guy who is actually worth dating.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i got new spectacles

here i be with them on me.
hahaha...i rimed.
and i can't spell.
so what.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My buddy nate

tonight i went out and had dinner with my buddy nate hornbrook. we went to ihop. i got a philey steak cheeseburger thingy. it was yummy. but the food isn't what this is about. it was about the conversations we had. we talked for about 2 1/2 hours. it was very thought provoking. he's a good guy. i wish i would've spent more time getting to know him this year. he sees everything with an open mind and he wants to learn. he's not afraid to discuss what he believes even thought its not always the popular belief. he's a missionary kid...but he's not a nerd or annoying like most other mk's are thought of as being. he's really smart and perceptive. he'd be a great guy to have as a roommate. he's a great listener and he loves to talk to people. and he comes up with some pretty good thoughts. i'm gonna try to keep in close contact with him. i'm glad he's my buddy.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Matt 5:2-3

And He opened his mouth and taugh them, saying,
Blessed are the poor in spirit: for thiers is the kindgom of heaven.

blessed (mak-ar'-ee-os - greek root pronunciation) to pronounce on to be fortunate, well off, happy.
poor (pto-khos') a beggar, a pauper, denoting absolute or public mendicancy (the condition or practise of being a beggar)
spirit (pnyoo'-mah) the rational soul, vital principle, mental disposition
Kingdom of heaven (oo'-ran-os') the abode of God, by implication happiness, power, eternity

well, if that doesn't get ya fired not only will we be fortunate, well off, and happy if we are poor in spirit (which i have heard described as being very similar to meekness, in that our view of self is not proud, but one of thankful submission in awe of God's great power and love for us despite our complete unworthyness), but we will gain the kingdom of God. kewl huh? oh, but it is so much more than that. its as if we are granted a unlimited pass into the pressence of God, a presence so powerful that it cuased moses to glow for days after he had witnessed it. not only that, but it was so radiant that the people knew he had seen part of God. and we will be given that....not just a glimpse...but the whole thing. we will see our Maker face to face. and then we will bow down, casting our crowns (which hopefully we have been faithful to earn them) at His feet and crying 'HOLY, HOLY, HOLY ARE YOU LORD!!" day and awesome would that be? to stand with all those who have gone before us, the spiritual leaders and men/women of God from the beginning of time....if that doesn't get ya fired up.....

religious? or just a rebel?

am i really religious? or am i just an actor in life who goes with the flow like everybody else? am i a person who is driven by convictions, or carnality (fleshly desires)? do i do what's right because i want to, or cause i know to? do i say the right things because i believe them or because i burp it back up? why am i me? what makes me who i am? what is the one thing that defines me as me? am i a match for myself, or am i on fire for God? am i a rock of confessions that Christ can use to build His church, or am i a coward who denies Him when things get rough? what is it with me.......

what about you?