Saturday, April 30, 2005

An interesting artice

I came across this article while is was looking for articles for my anotmy project. For some odd reason, it made me laugh, but I'm not sure why. Here it is.

Health official says baby swings may trigger dog attack
By The Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS -- Rocking your baby to sleep in a machanical swing may trigger a deadly attack on the child by the famil dog, a coroner warns.
At least two such deaths have been documented in MAryland over a four-year period, Dr. Albert Y. Chou of the state's medical examiner's office said Wednesday at a meeting of the American Society of Forensic Sciences.
The back-and-forth motion may activate the dog's instinct ot chase prey, he said.
An Associated Press check of online news archives found at least on more death and at least two non-fatal attacks around the country in the past few years.
In 2000, Sabrina Williamson of Peru, Indiana had gone to the store while her husband napped in another room, about six feet away from 9-week-old Alex. She walked back in and found her husband wrestling their pit bull off the baby. They had had the dog eight years, since Alex's brother was four.
The baby survived but his face was bitten and bloody, and his collarbone was broken and protruding from his shoulder, police said.
Dr. Marianne DiPadua of University Foggia in Italy said she is not convinced that the rocking movements sets off the dog. "It's true movement can trigger and attack," she said. But she noted that dogs have also attacked babies in cribs or beds.

i wonder if it occured to anyone that the constant clicking of the swing could have annoyed the dogs. you should see some of the people i go to school with. they will just about kill you for something like clicking you pen. and knowing that dogs are always hungery, maybe they decide to "kill 2 birds with one stone". he he he.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hockey: wanna fight?

i would have to say that if i could be a professional at any sport, it would have to be ice hockey. there are a lot of reasons. for one, you are playing on the ice. that is a lot of fun because you are trying to hit something that is sliding across the ice. another reason is that you get to fight with the other team. that's probably the best part. just standing there on the ice and duking it out while looking like two drunks since you are on the ice and you have all of the heavy padding and gear on. kinda cool huh? ice hooky is also my favorite sport to play on my computer because it is fun and i kick butt at it. last night i beat a team 19-3, and earlier tonight i beat a team 25-3. it is a lot of fun. another cool thing about hockey is that they have cool jerseys. some of the teams have some really awesome mascotts too. on my game, my team is the colorado avalanch. the are on of the best teams, and i have made them better by trading with the other teams and winning a lot of games. i am kinda getting board with the regular season games, and there are 80 games per season before the tournament and championshil. oh well. guess i gotta go win some more games. what is really fun about the game is that you can knock over the reff and not get in trouble. sometimes he is really stupid and stands right in front of my guy when he is bookin' it down the rink and the reff gets blasted right through - its really funny to watch. it is also fun to come from the side at aguy and check him. ir you do it right, the guy flys off his feet and goes sailin through the air and the anouncer says something stupid like "oh, a truck hit him!" or "belted and knocke down!" or something else that is really kind of stupid but it sounds funny. anyway hockey is cool, and i like it.

An ode to mac and cheese

i wrote this last night while i was laying on my bed listening to my cd player. suddenly i thought of man and cheese. so i decided to write a beautiful ode since i couldn't sleep. and when i got done, i read it to my self. it was so beautiful that it put me to sleep with wonderful dreams flashing through my brain. hope it's not too cheesy for anyone - ha ha ha. ok, that was really lame. shutting up ... now. here it is.

mac and cheese: it gives me glee
i love its taste between my teeth
it looks so nice and juicy gold
it warms me up when i am cold
i like to load it high on the plate
and sometimes pretend its pieces of eight
it is a treasure now don't you see
that's why they call it 'mac and cheese'
made with milk of cows and butter too
with lots of pasta that turns to goo
and the best of all is that queso-ish stuff
oh that great mac and cheese: i just can't get enough
if i were a king over all of the land
i would order it served on trays fine and grand
i'd command that my cook would cook it in pots
whoose enormous size would guarantee lots
and everyone who had a taste for mac and cheese
could move to my palace and eat it with me.

the end.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Where is my Eden?

i started wrtiting this poem a while back when i was bored and going through some trials and soul searching. thankfully, i came out on the right side of things and was able to finish it the way i did.

i look around at this dreary place, i try to find one inviting trace
where i can be who i really am, to be my slef and not be damned.
to live so free as a solitary priest with out care for man or beast
i envison a world where mandate holds none,
and each lone being regrets not what the've done.
is there life beyond this dim realm? is there reason to wish others well
why even care? why try to go on?
why look to the future for a better beyond?
i wnat to give up, to just lay down and die,
to throw in my towel and let the world pass me by
but then i look up and see my savior hanging there
he looks down at me with compasion and care.
then i awake from a daze as if i had dreamed
and it comes to me as if it was screamed.
i have what i need - my life is complete.
my Savior and Lord gave it all for me.
He sacrificed all for a wretch such as i
he came to earth and was willing to die.
i know not his struggle or agony or pain,
but for me He has died someday i would gain
then i hang my head with tears in my eyes,
i can't stop myself and i start to cry.
but a feel and hand lifting up my chin
and i look up at Jesus and stare back at Him.
"It is over, My son, your sins are forgiven.
come live with Me forever in heaven.
i can't take you yet. you'll just have to wait
because there's still folks on earth that need to be saved.
go be my disciple and tell all that mourn
that with Jesus ther is peace forevermore."
so i finally see that my life ain't that bad.
in fact, i've got lots for which to be glad.
so i pick my self up and start making things right
so that other might live and have eternal life.

batman: the ultimate super hero

ok. batman is the awesomest super hero ever. he's got a house, an even cooler wardrobe, the kickbuttingest (is that a word?) car that ever drove the streets of gotham city. now, some people agrue that he isn't really a super hero because he has no powers. i would have to say that not having any powers is a power in itself. he can still do all the stuff the other guys can. what makes him cool is that he is a normal guy who actuall see a problem and then does something about it. he doesn't need superpowers to be the greatest crim buster in gotham. all he uses is his brain. he thinks up the coolest gadgets and tools to use to catch the bad guys. another cool think about batman is that he never takes a life. he will always catch abad guy and turn him over to the police. i think thats kinda cool. also, his girl friends are always really... good looking. enough said there. he even has a british butler. i mean how much cooler can you get? on top of that, he's got the batplane, the batboat, the batbike, and forty bajillion nifty keen add-ons for his suits. batman is my favorite super hero. i want to be just like him when i get big.

dress code: such a hassle

"after homeroom, we need all the girls to come back into the gym so that we can talk about som dress code issues." what? again? yeah, this is the usual response to this. i sometimes wonder what the purpose of a dress code is. i mean, yeah i know it is so we "look nice" as the administration says, but why can't people look nice in jeans, or tee-shirts, or tenis shoes, or freakin hooded sweatshirts when it is cold, as it usually is? i will admit, for the guys the clothing part is pretty easy to do other than the no hoodies part. hair- that is a completely different think. we pratically have to do our hair like bj grads if we want to get by. (no offense to mr lambeth or mr hiem, i think) "off the ears and colar and two finger widths above the eyebrows so that it looks neat". i want to know whose fingers we go by and whose definition of neat. enough said. now for the girls. my entire heart reaches out to you ladies as i see what you go through and hear you talk every day. i truly do feel sorry for you. you have it rough, worse than the guys. my next comment might be very shocking for some to read so please prepare yourself for this. no matter how modest a girl dresses, a guy will still think whatever he wants to think in his mind. i will pause so that mrs leffew can get back in her chair. yes folks, its true. how a girl dresses has a lot less to do with what a guy thinks than our school would ever let on to us. shockin, isn't it? here is a crazy idea: maybe if people (mainly girls) didn't have to worry about how they looked and could worry about reaching out to other people in the mornings, then we wouldn't need to do the whole "sit by someone new at lunch today", which is a completely different topic for another day. (please do not mistake my meaning - boys and girls alike need to be reaching out more) i honestly believed that if the dress code was relaxed, some of the apathy toward chapel and bad attitudes in bible classes would be alleviated. maybe people would actually be relaxed enough to truly open there mind to the Word of God more often. i know i would.

demerits: do they work?

demerits: what's the point? are they just peices of paper that tell us when we've been naughty? are they 'just a tool that the school uses to help us recognize wrong behavior paterns'? i doubt it. demerits are nothing. they do nothing. their purpose is close to nothing, except give a reason to expell people. never once has a demerit done anything to help me. when i was in junior high, i was afraid of them. i feared them because my parents got mad at me when i got them. this didn't help because it didn't address any problem. all it does is make parents overly concerned for their kids behavior. or, parents just don't care. and almost all of the kids don't care. yeah, there was a time when i wanted to get the zero demerit award, but that was along time ago. getting demerits doesn't do anything anymore because the students realize that they are pointless. granted, after a certian number of demerits, a student can no longer participate in sports or stuff like that, but so what? the kids don't care about the demerits enough to change their behavior; they just want to get back to playing sports. demerits have become something to laugh at in our school. one kid in particiular tries to collect all of the demerit slips he can get his hands on to put up in his locker. other kids use the yellow copy to make paper airplanes. is my point getting across? demertis don't work. they don't help. the majority of the time, kids just get mad when they get demerits, which creates other problems. many times, the things that demerits are given for are really dumb. people don't care about getting demerits any more because so many are given out. after first semester, mr grass held up a small box that was overflowing with demerit slips that had been given to students. he encouraged us t get less demerits. well, here is somehting to think about: how about not giving so many demerits and start working on helping students develope personal convictions and standards for themselves. if that happened, the demerit thing wouldn't be such a problem anymore.

Monday, April 25, 2005

hi. (wait - not yet. just kiddin) i think i'm gonna use my blog to jsut talk about whatever i feel like at the moment that i am writing. yeah. i think i'm gonna do that. and if i'm not hinking of any thing, i'll just write about my day until something pops into my head.
speakin of which, my day was pretty boring. i got up, drove to school. the only fun part there was trying to pass somebody when your dumb car won't accelerate. yeah, that kinda sucked. but nobody crashed, and i didn't see any fingers, so i guess it's alright. school - what can i say? the best (and only good part of my day) was choir,ironicaly. i hat that class. so today i just goofed off with the other guys in the class. the best part was watching sam smack joel in the face after joel pulled his chair out from under him. it was to freakin hilarious that my abs hurt from laughing so hard. the rest of the day pretty much stunk. then on the way home, i had to get gas. i am now broke. THANKS A LOT, YOU STUPID ARABS! IT'S ALL YOU FAULT! then i came home and worked on my anatomy project, and boy is it a killer. we have to get 50 articles about anatomy related stuff, and 50 about microbiology stuff. then we have to mount them on construction paper. what piontless time consuming fun! i'm about halfway done. it's due may 9th. oh, i remember one other bright spot i my dreary day - i got my progress report for trig class. i got an 88%! that is so cool. now, some of you might be thinking cynical thoughts, but i was getting an F 2 months ago in that class, so i am really happy about that. also, my dad told me that if i get all As and Bs, he would buy me a new palm pilot and keyboard,which is perfectly fine with me. ok, i am done talking. bye