Tuesday, April 26, 2005

dress code: such a hassle

"after homeroom, we need all the girls to come back into the gym so that we can talk about som dress code issues." what? again? yeah, this is the usual response to this. i sometimes wonder what the purpose of a dress code is. i mean, yeah i know it is so we "look nice" as the administration says, but why can't people look nice in jeans, or tee-shirts, or tenis shoes, or freakin hooded sweatshirts when it is cold, as it usually is? i will admit, for the guys the clothing part is pretty easy to do other than the no hoodies part. hair- that is a completely different think. we pratically have to do our hair like bj grads if we want to get by. (no offense to mr lambeth or mr hiem, i think) "off the ears and colar and two finger widths above the eyebrows so that it looks neat". i want to know whose fingers we go by and whose definition of neat. enough said. now for the girls. my entire heart reaches out to you ladies as i see what you go through and hear you talk every day. i truly do feel sorry for you. you have it rough, worse than the guys. my next comment might be very shocking for some to read so please prepare yourself for this. no matter how modest a girl dresses, a guy will still think whatever he wants to think in his mind. i will pause so that mrs leffew can get back in her chair. yes folks, its true. how a girl dresses has a lot less to do with what a guy thinks than our school would ever let on to us. shockin, isn't it? here is a crazy idea: maybe if people (mainly girls) didn't have to worry about how they looked and could worry about reaching out to other people in the mornings, then we wouldn't need to do the whole "sit by someone new at lunch today", which is a completely different topic for another day. (please do not mistake my meaning - boys and girls alike need to be reaching out more) i honestly believed that if the dress code was relaxed, some of the apathy toward chapel and bad attitudes in bible classes would be alleviated. maybe people would actually be relaxed enough to truly open there mind to the Word of God more often. i know i would.


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