Saturday, April 29, 2006

ah hee hee hee....i am on steriodz - wooopeeeee!!!

yeah, so i've been having these allergy problems and i can't stop coughing. it was kinda annoying at first, but the last half of this week it has just been getting worse. so yesterday i went to the doc and he gave me 2 diff types of steriods to take. hehehehehehe. and then i went and rode my bike "under the influence". just kidding....well i did ride my bike. but then last night while i was having a wonderful time with someone special, i noticed that while i was just sitting there, drinking a a&w cream soda, my heart was going insane. and i had also noticed it earlier in the day. so after the first movie was over, i went up and read the side effects of the steriods. yup, elevated heart rate was right up there. my dad told me to not drink any more caffine cause it probly compounded the issue. later on in the evening, i started feeling dizzy, another side effect. but all in all, i don't think its that bad, seeing as some of the other side effects are adominal cramps, black stools, loss of vision, feelings of amnesia, radical mood swings (probly only happens to girls), and something about loss of bladder control. so senior trip should prove to be quite interesting, seeing as i will be doped up the whole time. they are all either gonna think i'm hilarious or they will hate me...hehehehe.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

i like no school

i get the today and tomorrow off school. and tomorrow i get to go riding with pa. and maybe an evening with someone special. can it get any better than that?

Friday, April 21, 2006

2 quotes i was thinking about all day

"some people are completely fake....others are way too real." were do i fit in to that?

"you can let your day continue to get worse, or you can choose to make it better." i love pastor king. he gave me the second quote. it really made me think.

Monday, April 17, 2006

senior thesis

i hate it. i hate it. i hate it.

and now i'm done with it. i hope i get a good grade. or else i will just have wasted....well, a lot of time working on it. and yes, i actually did spend time researching gun control, even though my mind was already made up. gun control is stupid and for neo-nazis and bald music teachers who don't like guns. but since i'm bored, i'll give ya'll the rundown of my paper. all nine pages of it condenses to a parapragh.

criminals don't follow laws. new laws will just mean more paper work. not less crime. if they would actually punish criminals and hold them responsible.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

i have a sunburn

but at least it will turn into a nice bronze tan by the time we go on senior trip. and at least i have something to show for a good day's hard work. so i guess its not that bad. if i could just get to sleep without it bothering me...

Sunday, April 09, 2006


why are the right words the ones i never say?
why is it that when i want to help i just get in the way?
why can't i wipe all those tears away?
why can't things be as good as they seemed yesterday?

why can't we see what's going to happen?
why can't we stop things that we don't want?
why can't we heal the wounds we've caused?
why can't we just all be ok?

for some reason life just has to bite
and at times it even sucks
it shows us we are human beings
and shows us not to trust luck

but still i wish that for a while
we could all live in bliss and peace
and not have to deal with this day to day crap
that takes away our ease

i wish i could reach out a helping hand
and show someone that some people care
to open up and just be a friend
and help some one by just being there

maybe if i could make one person smile
and make them forget their woes
my life would be worth it for sure
and i'd be ready when its my time to go

Saturday, April 08, 2006


i've never really dedicated a post to anyone, so i thought i might give it a try.
this post is dedicated to my older brother, whom i look up to and greatly admire, and who is also(in his own words) a "sexy man of God". lov ya, bro.

today i had the oppurtunity to go to a marine corpes pollee funtion where they did some interesting activities and physical workouts and the like. they also had a drill instructer there so we could get a taste of how they ream people. the whole day was a rather enlightening experience.

my brother once told me that cussing and swearing is no more than a way of showing your ignorance and lack of imagination and intelligence. i never really understood him at the time. to be honest, sometimes hearing someone cuss at a certain time or after something happens can be extremely hilarious. (you all know its true...don't be givin your compy a death glare or something...) but today it really clicked with me what he meant when my bro told me that. the vast majority of the people there swore quite fluently. and frequnetly. if they couldn't come up with a word for a noun or and adjective, or some other phrase, they would just inject a cuss word. at first i didn't really notice it, but as the day wore on, it became more evident. i started to see just how dumb it can make you look. and how pathetically stupid it can make you sound. so here is my challenge (mainly to myself, but you are welcome to take it for yourself): whenever i get the ruge to mutter a cuss word, or even a "christian cuss word" (whatever that is supposed to be) or a "four letter word" (as a lot of us fcs goers have been told we are not allowed to use anymore, which is quite an order, seeing as there are a lot of four letter words), don't. stop. try to think of something else to say. something witty, something funny, something random...just soemthing other than the word that is running through you mind. it will make you sound smarter, less vulgar, and it might even improve your image in someone's eyes. just try it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

wow...that was kewl

whilst i was workin this evening, i had the oppurtunity to take a few short breaks and sit on the grass. i don't know why, but i miss seeing the green grass. especially when it starts to grow and then you cut it. it always makes our yard look so much better. while i was sitting there, i smelled something interesting. so i started lookin around. i found some mint growing by the fence. it smelled really good. so i crushed some up with my foot, and the wind blew the scent around. and i felt very calm and peaceful...yeah, i know what you're all thinking..."yoshi has been smoking again or something" no i haven't. i guess i'm jsut ready for spring.

i also sat and looked up at the moon. it was like a perfect half moon, and it was really clear out so i could look straight up and see it perfectly. it was just weird to look up at it and try to comprehend how far away it was. it was kewl. i'm glad we have a moon. i like monns....hehehehe.

Monday, April 03, 2006

daylight savings a bad word!

i'm not sure which bad word, but its one of them. it has completely thrown off my mental clock. and it didn't start getting dark till about 8:30...that is too weird. and this morning it was still dark on the way to prison...i mean school. not to mention for some strange reason we had dinner at 4:45 tonight. my stomach is going crazy about that one...i'm starving. but i think i will live....somehow.