Saturday, December 24, 2005

to all of our troops out there...

i can't imagine what it must be like to be halfway across the world and so far away from your families and friends on christmas eve. the only thing i can say is that i hope santa brings you lots of nice toys so you can kick some more terrorist butt. as we all sit at home tomorrow, i hope that none of us will forget the sacrifice you all are making to provide freedom for people in a country so far away. another gift i wish for you - the press would eat it and go to heck, or start reporting the truth about what you people are doing over there. your sacrifice is the best gift to others that you can give. may we give our grattitude and support back to you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

a bit of advice....

for those of you who want to or are thinking of seeing "40 year old virgin", don't. the 15 minutes of it that i saw were more perverted and crass (not to mention crude and vulgar) than any movie i have ever seen. there is simply no need to watch anything like that, and there is deffinitaly no need for something like that to be produced and publicized. i was really quite dissapointed in it. and the fact that it is getting so much publicity as being a "hilarious and funny movie" i think we should just shoot the press and destroy them all.

Monday, December 19, 2005


i like strawberry candy canes...they are yummy. i hope they help me remember the stuff i'm studying. that would be really cool.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

David Letterman's Top Ten Signs You've Hired a Bad Department Store Santa

1. he points out which kids he thinks will be gay.
2. because of earlier incidents, he can't go within 50 of Victoria's Secret salesgirls
3. tells every kid climbing into his lap, "careful of santa's flask!"
4. instead of saying "ho ho ho", he keeps mumbling something about "jihad"
5. every night he walks out with a sack of ipods
6. the suit he wears is more orange and reads "auburn corectional facility"
7. tries to snort the fake snow
8. there's always 2-3 "elves" on defibrillator duty
9. he lectures each child on the wonders of scientology
10. his fluffy white beard is heavily soiled with chaw stains

Thursday, December 15, 2005

back in time - Seventh Day Slumber

Carry me away
Back in time to when I met You
Take all this guilt and shame
that buried, and bury me in you

I want to be dead but still alive
I want to breathe hope instead of choking.
I want to feel the fire deep inside
Burn through me and carry me away

How fake could I be?
You see through me
You see right through me
WOuld you sing to me?
And take me back to where I met you?

I want to be dead but still alive
I want to breathe hope instead of choking.
I want to feel the fire deep inside
Burn through me and carry me away

I hear you calling me
I feel so far from home
You can see through my past
You've never let me go

I want to be dead but still alive
I want to breathe hope instead of choking.
I want to feel the fire deep inside
Burn through me and carry me away

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


why do we eat pistacios? really, why do we eat any nuts, but especially pistacios? we have to crack em open and then there's this weird green and purple thing inside that almost isn't worth the work to open it. and if you have chapped lips, (which you most likely will since pistacios are only sold around christmas time) the salt gets on your lips and makes them hurt. and why are they only sold around christmas time? that doesn't make any sense. they should sell them all year long. same thing with eggnog. i guess not everybody in the world shares the genious mind that i have. pitty for them.

Friday, December 09, 2005

snow day!!!!!!

finally, after all these years of oppressing and and injustice, the weather (of all things) has freed us from the regular daily grind of attending the Frequently Crazily-minded School. for this one glorious day, we may sit at home on our little (or big) butts and do whatever the merry heck we please. we don't have to be in dress code. we don't have to look nice. we don't have to open our books. we can simply lounge in ease and wallow in our joy of not having to pay the price of "higher education". its a great feelin, folks. one that nothing else can quite replace. don't take it for granted. revel in it. rejoice in it. abuse it. and always love those wonderfaul days when nature itself sets about and fouls the minds and evil schemes of the leaders of darkness.

so if any of you are on im today give me a buzz. i have to do some work, but i should be around most of the day. last night, my dad let me drive the truck into town so we could get some gas for out tractor. it was fun. he showed me what it was like to drive with 4x4 and without it. then we came home and we did some preliminary plowing of our driveway (which is entirely coverd over now). the road we live on is covered in black ice. i wish i had a four wheeler to go balzing through the snow drifts.

just a word of advice kids: "don't eat the yellow snow!"

Monday, December 05, 2005

english project

it is remarkable how bored i can get sometimes. but i, yes, even i, have found a way to incorporate a tribute to the great Andre the Giant into this dull and wearisome time of my life. i hope the teacher shares my great awe and admiration for such a great man. (for most likely, her sentiments will be reflected in my grade ---*ominous-sounding music*) alas, this stupid book is almost behind me. yay!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

...and i'm still sick....

i got some drugs for it, but i didn't read the dosage so i only took half of what i'm supposed to take and i have to wait till 1:00am to take more. i'll just take it when i wake up in the morning. i got a really cool picture of me after one of my wrestling matches. i'm standing over the guy looking down at him with the ref. it looks cool. i'm gonna put it on my locker. i think i'm gonna start pursuing the possiblity of wrestling in college. not sure where it will go, but it will be good for me if i do. i hope i get over whatever i have before this weekend. i'm guessing that the competition will be harder that what we had yesterday, but i'm not sure. coach thinks that the guy from hammond and rossvile will be out for blood when they come here, so he's gonna try to do some extra work with me. i need to start lifting when i get home in the evenings, but so far i've been to lazy. i think i'm gonna tell my dad to make me lift. he can be pretty persuasive. i guess i get it from him. hehehe. i need to get a vehicle so i can go sit in the hot tub or sauna at the y after my matches. the little tub in my bathroom just doesn't cut it. and i can't get the back porch hot enough to for it to qualify as a sauna either.

jessica beil has just surpassed anjolina jolie. sorry, girl - you got beat out by someone who isn't "fake".

Friday, December 02, 2005

i hate being sick...

mainly cause it means my parents have a good reason for telling me that i should go to bed early, but its also really annoying. i hate having to blow my nose all the time. i hate coughing up lugie and hawkers and flem. i hate feeling stuffed up even after i've blown my brains out. i hate sneezing and watching stuff fly out of my face. and i hate waking up and feeling more tired than i did when i went to bed. but i found a cool online game. its called the classrooom 2. i guess life isn't so bad. and soon i'll be able to drink lots of eggnog. yay.