Thursday, June 09, 2005

A different war - one of words

ok, here i go again. trying to explain away my existence.
i believe that everyone is on this earth for a purpose. what everyones purpose is, i dont know. however, i think i know mine. God has made me smart, strong, perseverant, a quick thinker (sometimes), and has given me a desire to see justice served. He has given me a desire to fight for what i believe in. he has also allowed a organization (US NAVY SEALS) to be around that i can join and accompolish my goals. He has allowed me to pass numerous tests and exams so that i can enter the navy and be a seal. coincidence? no way. also, god has allowed that there be terrorists in this world. he has allowed them to instill a reign of terror on the world. why, i don't know. but i don't question God. it is not my place.
God has given me the desire to fight for my country. nowhere in the bible is patriotism ever condemed. nowhere. therefore, patritism is a good thing. God approves of it. patriotism - love and support of ones country (websters dictionary) Jesus even told us to be patriotic and to support our government. sometimes patriotism means fighting for your country.
since the bible was brought into the equation, let me mention a few individuals. first, my favorite, was a man named jephthah (judges 11). he was an ordinary guy. but his people needed him to fight for them. even thought he didn't want to fight (as i do not want to have to take a life), he went anyway. he made a covenant with the Lord, and then he fought. he single handedly conquered 20 cities. thats impressive. and God blessed him for it. next up we have abram (gen 14), the father of isreal. while his nephew lot was living in sodom, some kings decided tgo have a war. during there war, they conquered sodom and decided to take some captives, lot and his family being among them. when abram (better known as abraham) found out, he gathered his fitghing men (about 350) and went after them. he beat the kings and rescued his nephew and his family. God blessed him for this also. the hight priest, melchizidek, publicly blessed and praise abram for his valiant actions. so don't tell me that God doesn't want his people to sit around and do nothing while wars are going on.
you are a jehovahs witness. if i understand correctly, you believe that you are one of many of Gods annointed people. you purpose in life is to spread Gods word and bring people to repentance before God. i too believe myself to be one of God's annointed - i am one of His annointed warriors. my purpose is to bring justice to the world if i can. i bleieve that God's purpose for me is to fight for freedom and agains terrorism and other injustices around the world. God has called me to do this, or else i would not have this desire. it would not be a burning pasion within my soul to do this. i will not enjoy having to take a human life b/c i know that that means that a soul is being sent to an eternal destination. i cring when i think about this. but someone has to fight. someone has to do something about terrorism. navy seals are the worlds number one anti-terrorist group. i know that i will be haunted by the memories of what i have done, but i am willing to face that so that other people may live lives of peace.
in an earlier comment, you said God would take care of the problems of the world and bring about peace to this world. i agree. but here is what i believe about his method of doing that - he will use people. God used to use angels and miracles to get things done. but he doesn't do that anymore. HE doesn't need to. He has us. let me explain. God sends the Holy SPirit to indwell us when we recieve Christ as our saviour. when we are fully surrendered to his will, he can use us more powerfully than any force in the world. that is why i am not afraid to fight and possibly give my life. God is in control, and His outcome will be the one that triumphs.


Blogger Nata said...

...deep... not much room for disagreement there! Good Job!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 5:02:00 PM  
Blogger yoshi said...

muchos grasias, mi bien amigo!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005 7:22:00 PM  

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