Monday, May 23, 2005

Trig ... or should i say Advanced mathematics?

this exam was one of the hardest exams i have ever taken in my life. first the teacher lady has to give us a bajillion anouncements to take up time. then we had to pray for 10 min. then she talks to us a bout taking during the exam. then our grades. then a possible curve. GIVE ME THE FREAKIN EXAM, ALREADY! I'M FORGETTING STUFF I NEED TO KNOW! but i just bit my tounge till i tasted blood. i swear, there should be a law against women teachers. sorry rebecca. finally we got the exam. with only 50 min to take it instead of 70. so we start taking it and before we know it the bell rings. "ok, hand them in" can we keep working on it if we don't have an exam? "no that wouldn't be fair to those who do" nobody does. "let me make sure.
I HATE THIS CLASS oh well. we finally got to stay and work on it. i think i got an 80% or better. i just hope i get a b in the class. i can't wait till it gets dark tonight to burn my notebook. maybe i'll use lighter fluid. what fun.


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