Monday, February 26, 2007

time for some audience feedback

howdy everybody. over the weekend, i realized that i need to start figuring out what direction i want to go when i graduate from mmi. but i really have no idea which way to go with my life. i have a few ideas of my own, but i would like to hear what ya'l think i would be good at. humorous suggestions are welcome, but i kinda want some serious ideas too. i figure that if i start thinking about this now, it will help me out when i have to decide what college to go to from here. so lemme know what ya'll think. thanks a bunch.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


on monday when i drove back to school, it was 65 degrees down here. yesterday, it was 71 and sunny. is 32 and snowy. i wish it would've stayd at 71. oh well.
for those of you who still read this, think back to they days of my spring airsoft guns. those were the days...shooting people at school, on soccer trips, on wrestling trips, my bro when he sat unarmed in his room, the cats (just kidding mom...kind of), shooting mr lambeth before school (he never had a clue), and of course, the best, shooting jared. well, those days go on, but i have since upgraded my method of weapon. i recently obtained a gas airsoft pistol. it is so kewl. 30 rounds of un-interupted raw power (that can easily be turned into raw pain) is now within my fist of fury. hahahahahahah!!!!! die, underlings!! i forsee some barracks raids happening this least, that's what the forecast calls for.