Saturday, January 27, 2007

combatives and good ol' grillin

yesterday i did jujitsu (i probly spelled tha wrong) with some guys in my prayer group for about 3 hours. lemme tell ya, that is a work out. but it was so much fun. i did some butt kicking and got my butt kicked about as many times. its pretty rough stuff. i passed out once...that was awesome. it was only for a couple of seconds, but coming back in was so kewl. and i beat the biggest guy out there a couple of times. (yes, he's bigger than me). there was one move that i used a lot and it turned out to be a prettygood submission move. i used it so much that they said they were gonna start calling it the prelock. it was fun though. my jaw is still feeling some of the effects of a few of the moves put on me. feels a little big like i got hit with a sledge hammer...but its a good feeling. i started to get the hang on some of the positions and moves by the end of the 3 hours. i'll deffinately go back again.
then, in the evening, we grilled a bunch of deer burgers. man they were good. i can't even discribe how good they were. big thick burgers with lots of flavor and juice and so yummy. and we're gonna do it again toniht. just hope they don't make me fat. and then i get to go to church tomorrow. what a great weekend. it really couldn't get much better.

Monday, January 15, 2007

have you ever.....

have you ever met someone that you could tell wanted help, or friends, or acceptance?
have you ever felt like God wanted you to be the person to give them what they are looking for?
have you ever had to leave that person for a while? and when you come back, you realize that they made some bad choices?
have you ever felt like if you were there, maybe you could've stopped them from doing whatever it was that they did?
have you ever been bitter cause you weren't there to try to help?
have you ever watched other people give up on that person, even though they said they cared and wanted to help?
have you ever wondered why you were the only one left caring?
have you ever felt helpless while you watch things go from bad to worse? but you can't be there anymore to try to help?
have you ever felt the sorrow of loosing contact with that person? and wondering what is happening with them now?
have you ever felt anger when you come back and say something about her, and someone cracks a joke about her, or says something rude or stupid?
have you ever felt the joy of getting back in contact with her?
have you ever felt like maybe you've been given another chance with her while you talk for a few hours?
have you ever realized that she still doesn't have Jesus Christ in her life yet?
have you ever realized that if she dies, she will go to hell?
have you ever thought that maybe you could be the one to show her the way? to help her realize the truth?
have you ever thought about the celebration that takes place in Heaven everytime a new person decides to accept the Jesus Christ's atoning blood to wash away their sins? when they decide to surrender their life to God to do whatever He wills with it?
have you ever cried because you wanted so much for her to be the one that they celebrate about in Heaven?
have you ever prayed frevently that she would accept Christ?
have you ever prayed fervently that if at all possible, you would be there when she finally accepts Christ?
have you ever.....

Monday, January 08, 2007

next on the list...

would be my bro. don't worry, i didn't forget you. just gotta wait your when i get to the fridge before you and you wanna shove me out the way. that don't fly. but that's my only gripe.
i miss my bro. he's fun. he'll act all tough when we play counter strike, even though i always woop his booty. he likes riding motorcycles too. and he likes shooting his shotgun and blowing things up and shooting rockets at me and fun stuff like that. he makes fun of the way i dress, but i give it right back.
but he's more than just my bro. he's kinda like a spiritual mentor to me. he tells me when i'm wrong and encourages me to do what i believe is right, not just follow whatever i've been told. he encourages me to find out for myself what is right and wrong, not just to go off what i feel, or what people say, but to look it up and study the Bible for my answers. which is kewl. not many people give that kind of advice. they just say to do what feels right. which is why my bro is kewl. and why i miss him.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

all righty now...

so as to keep my feeble and boring blog alive, i'm going to start posting small snippets of things i miss from back home. hope you find them interesting. or something.

i miss my mommy. not in a "waaaahhh i wanna go home i miss my mommy" way, but like a "my mom is kewl and i like spending time with her and i miss her" kind of way. if that makes any sense. she's funny, she laughs when i try to be funny, and she loves me (which is always a plus). and she cooks very yummy food. and i guess i miss her somewhat just cause she'd my mommy.

i miss my dad too. we've had some good talks together over the past 4 months. he's done a lot to help me stay here and that means a lot to me. i enjoy sitting and talking with both of my parents and i don't get to do that while i'm here. he also helped me find a really nice car that i know i wouldn't have found without his help.

well, that's all for now, folks.