Monday, July 31, 2006

goodbye, old yeller

today was a sad day. we took our dog to the vet and had her put to sleep. she was 10 and she could barely walk anymore. it was sad, but it was time to do it before life became too hard for her. as much of a pain in the butt that dog could be, i'm really gonna miss her. i grew up with that dog. she was almost like a constant companion. we didn't always get along, but we had some special moments. i'm the one that taught her to do tricks. nothing special, but the ones that are kinda fun. she liked to knock me over when we would run around in the yard. she also loved to chase us around the kitchen or the basement. and when she would catch us, she would bite our ankles to let us know she caught us. its kinda funny to think back about all the things that we used to do together and all of the other memories we have with each other. it almost make me cry to think that she's gone. but i know its better than for her to be in pain. i hope there's a doggie heaven just for her. maybe she'd be able to run and play again. maybe she could actually catch a rabbit instead of just chasing after them. maybe she could.......i hope so. dogs really are mans best friends.

Friday, July 28, 2006

no more, the stupidity and idiocy is over!

yes folks, its true. we are now closed for the season. and now i don't have to put up with the stupid people all day long. i tell ya, between the cranky women, mothers with their bratty children, and the completely rude and inconsiderate (not to mention terrible driving) orientals, i see why people just snap sometimes. so now that we are closed and there is a big honkin sign on the front of the red shed (which you can't miss, no matter how stupid you are) that clearly spells out that we are "closed for the season", i kinda almost want someone to come down the lane. go ahead. open the gate and drive past the sign. hehehehe.....i'll be waiting for you. mwahh hah hah hah ha haaaaaaa!!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

4x4s and shotguns

well i have deffinately had an eventful day. got up and ran (as is my daily schedule) and then work on the family farm. after that, jared and i decided we wanted to improve our marksmanship shills in the area of the magnificent shotgun. but wait - oh no! i was out of ammo. eh, no problemo. wally world was the answer to the problem. cept there weren't not salesperson to hand me the box of shells that i wanted which was placed behind the counter. after contemplating jumping the counter for a few minutes and realizing the cameras...yeah. jared saw one of the wonderful ww worker persons and called em over. after making our perchase (which by the way a case of shells costs less than puttin half a tank of gas in my truck), we headed out. made a quick stop at the newberry residence to deliver an old promise, which was met with much glee by both the young lads who recieved new airsoft guns and ammo, but also the father of the aforementioned lads. in fact he seemed to possibly be more excited than his sons. and yes, he was the first one to shoot one of the sons. it was quite funny. and he wants to play airsoft with us. hehehe. that was funny. anyway, we left after much discourse about propper shooting for the youngsters. then we came home and ate kfc. good stuff. especially before going out to shoot the pretty birdies. i must confess, i was quite impressed with how well jared did with the shotgun. for having shot as little as he clames to have, he did quite well. betwixt the twain of us, we shot something like 20 birds. i shot more, but he shot the biggest one. twas quite an enjoyable afternoon.
then, this evening, allie and i had planned to go to her house and enjoy a movie (i believe "saw" was on the playlist). but then her pa wasn't around when she got off work, so we couldn't do that. but then we found out that he was at a place in the woods. with 4x4s. and we could go there instead. so i was like, "well i have to check my agenda...LETS GO!!!!" i called my wonderful parents and they graciously allowed me to change my plans for the evening. so we headed out there and then let the tires meet the turf. good stuff. someone once told me that riding 4x4s was all balls and no brains. i don't quite agree with that statement, but i can see how one could come to such a conclusion. its deffinately a rush. and let it be known here and now - i have the awesomest girlfriend! not only did she trust me enough to ride with me, she didn't get mad at me when i intentionaly hit the big mud puddles and got her all muddy, and she didn't freak out at my sporadicly erratic driving. wow. wow. wow. it was so much fun. i could do that all day long.

and i didn't even hurt myself or anything or anybody else. yay for me!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

shaggy.....vs.....flat top


note - the semi-stoned look has nothing to do with anything i partook of or brought back from brazil or columbia. it is due to a lack of sleep and from going swimming. for those of you that were wondering.


oh yeah - i'm back.